Demon Thief (The Demonata #2)

Storyline: Demon Thief (The Demonata #2) This story is told through the eyes of lonely child Cornelius "Kernel" Fleck and takes place probably somewhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland and during the 1970s. Kernel always been different - he can see strange patches of light in the air around him. The other kids and his parents think he's mad and as a result he has no friends. But when he manages to link some of the lights to each other, he creates a window into another universe. After seeing a red demon - Lord Loss, although Kernel doesn't know it - went through and then went back into the window, Kernel makes a rash decision and follows the demon into the other universe. Kernel then disappears for several days. When he returns he comes back with a baby named Art. Kernel has no memory of what he during the seven days he went missing or how he got Art. At first Kernel tells his parents what he remembered up until he went into the light but neither of his parents believe him, thinking that Kernel is lying or is in shock...
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