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“Baby, seriously, hurry the fuck up. We’re already late!” I yell down the hall towards the bedroom.

“Hold your damn horses, Trevor!” she yells back, making me smile.

“You really going to make us late to our own rehearsal dinner?”

“If you would stop bugging me, I would be ready already,” she yells back, making me laugh. I walk to the fridge, pull out a beer, pop the top, and look down at Lolly, who is watching me, waiting for the treat she knows I’m going to give her. I lean over the counter, lift the lid on the treat jar, listening to Lolly’s tail as she beats a hole in the floor. “You should at least give her a command when you give her a treat, so she knows why she’s getting it,” Liz says. My head comes up, and my dick becomes instantly hard. My mouth falls open, and my gut clenches at the sight of her. The navy blue all-lace dress is completely form–fitting; the neck is square-cut right above her cleavage, under her collarbones. Her long blonde hair flows over her shoulders and breasts. The sleeves are long, to her wrists, and the hem reaches mid–thigh, drawing attention to her long legs.

“Do you have anything on under that?” I ask, looking her over. My eyes fall on her shoes; they are tall, with straps wrapping around her ankles, and a heel that I want to feel in my back later tonight.

“Yes, it’s made to look like you don’t have anything on under it.”

“I don’t know if I should let you out of the house looking like you do right now.”


“Every man who sees you is going to be picturing you naked under it.”

“You’re the only one who gets to see me naked,” she smiles.

“Come here.”

“I’m right here,” she says, taking stuff from one bag and putting it into another, not even looking up at me.

“And I want you right here,” I tell her, leaning over the counter and grabbing her hand, dragging her over to me.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing what you’ve got on under this thing,” I say, looking her over and seeing that the lace does have some kind of mesh under it that is the same exact tone as her skin.

“Are you happy now?” she laughs.

“Not yet; one more thing.” I pull the bottom of her dress up her thighs and over her ass.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to see what I will be getting later tonight.” I look at the nude-colored lace that sits under her belly button and shows off the cheeks of her ass.

“You’re getting your hand, buddy.” She pats my chest. “I’m staying at my mom’s tonight, remember?” Fuck, I forgot about that.

“Who made that stupid rule up?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugs, shimmying her dress back over her hips.

“You’re not leaving me tonight until I taste you; so you need to figure out how to make that happen, or your mom’s going to be pissed when I show up at her house, telling her that I need to eat her daughter’s pussy before I go to bed or else I can’t sleep.” I watch her cheeks turn bright pink as she glares at me.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but wouldn’t I?” I smirk. I wouldn’t do that, exactly, but I would show up at her mom’s to get my nightly snack.


“Figure it out, babe.”

“I’m sure that you will be okay for one night,” she says, the pink in her cheeks getting darker, traveling along her neck.

“It’s mine. There is no reason for me to go without.” We both stare at each other; her eyes darken, her breathing picks up, and I know she wants it. “Do you have everything you need?” I ask, my voice sounding a little rougher than normal. I watch as she looks around, then presses her knees together. The movement is small, but so telling.

“Yeah, but will you carry my overnight bag for me? It’s still on the bed.”

“No problem. Why don’t you go wait in the car? I’ll be there in a minute. Matter of fact...” I say, swinging her up into my arms, making her scream. “I’ll just carry you out first. I don’t want you walking in the gravel in those shoes.” She runs her finger along my bottom lip like she always does, before relaxing into me as I carry her to the car. When we finally make it to the rehearsal dinner, we have an amazing time, surrounded by all the people who mean the most to us. We talk and share stories; both our moms put together a slideshow of each of us growing up, and even though I can see the sadness in Liz’s eyes in the pictures that were taken after her father’s passing, I can tell she never let it hold her back. And I promised myself that every day, I would try to make her smile. And no matter what happens she will know how much she is loved.

After the dinner, I take Liz with me out to my truck under the pretense of getting something she needs. Really, I’m getting something I need. I sit her on the passenger’s seat of my truck, her legs hanging out the door. I lift the bottom of her dress up over her hips and eat her pussy, while she bites into her hand so people won’t hear her screaming my name in the parking lot. Just when I finish with her, her mom shows up, saying it’s time to go. Liz hops out of my truck, promising to see me at the wedding. I press her into the side of my truck, kissing her enough to hold me over for the night.

When I get home and finally lay down, I realize that if God is good to me, I will never have to feel her side of the bed empty again.

“Can I have your attention?” We all look up when my dad starts to talk.

After I got up this morning, all my brothers showed up. I had no idea what Liz would be doing, but I sat around playing Call of Duty, laughing, and joking with my brothers until it was time to put on our suits. We headed out to Liz’s grandparents’ property that was now owned by a middle-aged couple who didn’t have any children. They were more than happy to let us borrow a piece of their property for the day that had meant so much to Liz and her mom.

When we arrived at the location—the part of the property that used to house a barn but had burnt to the ground years ago—that was now turned into a giant parking lot. Leading down to the location of the old weeping willow, was a path made up of small wooden posts with ribbon wrapped around them to help guide the way of our guests. There were three giant white tents set up off to the side; that would be where we had our reception later on in the evening. At the tree where we would be getting married, someone had gathered the branches of the weeping willow and tied lavender and mint-green ribbons around them, creating a space in the tree so we could stand inside and people could still see us. The old swing was painted white, the rope wrapped in gauze. The chairs for guests were set up outside of the tree, all white with lavender or mint bows tied around each one.

Even as a guy, I had to hand it to our mothers; they went above and beyond making the whole area look magical, and I knew that when Liz saw what had been done for us, she would be more than grateful, just as I was. When the time finally came for Liz to arrive, I took my place under the tree, with Cash standing beside me as my best man. The pastor that had married Liz’s parents stood on my other side. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Liz on our wedding day, walking towards me. But I never expected to be floored by how beautiful she looked in her white strapless dress. The top looked like a corset, and the bottom flowed out, looking like something a southern belle would wear.

My emotions were all over the place. Pride, lust, protectiveness, possessiveness, and so much love that I thought I would explode as it coursed through me. As she walked towards me, I knew that this was exactly where I was supposed to be. When she finally stood in front of me, I couldn’t help but to put my fingers into her hair that was half–up and half–down, and pull her up to me for a kiss. I whispered to her how beautiful she was and how lucky I was to be the one she walked down the aisle to. I didn’t stop whispering to her or kissing her, until I heard the pastor behind us clear his throat and say lowly that we were supposed to wait until after our vows for the kiss. I pulled back slightly, but kept my body pressed into her.

I have no idea if anyone heard our vows. I was so enraptured by her and the moment that nothing else mattered. When I slid the other part of her ring onto her finger, completing the set that would sit on her finger for the rest of our lives, I felt whole for the first time ever. And I knew she must have felt something similar when she slid my ring on my finger. Her hands were shaking, and her words low; she looked at the ring on my finger for a long time, before looking up at me with tears sliding down her cheeks that I slid away with my thumbs. The moment the pastor announced us man and wife, and that I could kiss the bride, I held her face in my hands and poured my soul into that kiss, telling her without words how happy I was.

My dad’s voice snaps me out of my daydream.

“When Trevor came to me and his mother, and told us that he was going to ask Liz to marry him, we couldn’t have been more proud of his choice in a wife.” I look down at Liz and kiss her forehead. “It’s a great honor to us as parents, seeing the boys we raised into men, choosing the kind of women our sons have chosen, and knowing that our family will grow and become bigger and better with each new addition. Son, I know you understand what a gift has been given to you. May you always nurture it, protect it, and help it grow and flourish. And may your love and commitment take you on a long and joyous journey throughout the years to come. Congratulations.”

Liz and I raise our glasses to my dad. I watch as Liz mouths to my parents that she loves them. When my dad sat down, her mom starts tapping her glass with a fork, calling attention to herself. She looks to Liz and me with tears shining in her eyes.

“This is hard for me to do,” she says quietly. Looking beside her, I see George place his hand against her lower back, and watch her take a breath, his touch giving her strength. “Liz lost her father many years ago, but I know that if he was here, he would have wanted to speak. Liz was always a daddy’s girl, and she had him wrapped around her little finger,” she laughs. “He used to joke about what life would be like when she started dating, the typical father wanting the perfect man for his little girl.” She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, tears fell. “I truly believe that he sent Trevor to my beautiful baby girl, a man who looks at her like she is the reason he is able to breathe, someone who completes her. I…I’m lucky to call you my son, and thankful that my daughter has a man who I know will always protect and care for her.” She raises her glass, and we all follow her lead. “To the bride and groom, my new son and daughter. May you always find a way to overcome challenges together. May you find new ways to fall in love every day all over again. And may your love for each other continue and grow. Cheers.” She sits quickly, shoving her face into her napkin, George wrapping his arms around her. I lean over kissing Liz; her lips, nose, and then forehead.

“Can I have the bride and groom make their way to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife?” the DJ asks. Adele’s Make You Feel My Love starts playing as I take Liz’s hand, helping her up, and walking her out to the dance floor.

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